Welcome To The Women’s Inspiration Circle

The Women’s Inspiration Circle is a not for profit personal development organization dedicated to inspiring women of all ages, races and walks of life to become the most powerful version of ourselves. W.I.C. is a place where we as women come unite, up lift and empower each other by feeding our minds and spirits through positive exhortation, conference calls, books, literature, life experiences and more. Through inspirational resources we strive to promote self-actualization; the realization and fulfillment of one’s natural talents, potentials, and aspirations. It is our belief that just as our bodies need food to stay healthy each and every day, our minds and spirits also need to be fed and W.I.C. provides that nourishment.

The Women’s Inspiration Circle is not a religious based organization. We encourage women from all ethnicities and backgrounds to join our organization. We believe sharing inspiration and testimonies from different cultures will serve to help expand our awareness and personal development of women from all cultures. Therefore, we welcome and embrace the diversity wholeheartedly! Our main objective is to touch the minds, spirits and hearts of all women. In an extremely fast paced society where the roles of modern women can consist of mother, spouse, income provider, care taker, etc., it is highly likely that our spiritual beings are neglected. Feeding the spirit inspiration and developing one’s self is a necessity. It helps refuel our minds and bodies, as well as restores our energy which empowers us to confidently face obstacles in life that may have been a challenge to overcome.


“We all need Sisterfriends, We all need Inspiration. None of us are in this alone and if you feel like you are, you need to be apart of this circle of women. Whatever you are doing, whatever you are going through and whatever you want to accomplish, these women will be there to help! I love The Women’s Inspiration Circle and you will too!”
Della A. Beaver
“The Women’s Inspiration Circle call gave me many reasons to wake up in the morning. There was power in women gathering in numbers and knowing that many of the women on the call were going through the same obstacles I faced. I felt empowered to know we had the same oppositions to conquer. I was able to walk out of my door assured that everything was working for my good and no weapon formed against me would prosper. The call inspired me to pray more, trust more and have more patience. I’m so grateful the call is coming back!”
Love Deshaune