About us

Founded in 2010 by Kionna “Ms. Visionary” Perry, Co-Founder Tiffany C. Prince and pioneers Kanika Gilmore and Kimberly McKie, The Women’s Inspiration Circle launched with a powerful start. W.I.C. began five days per week with a daily call hosted by a select member. Each week a different member would do the honor of choosing a topic to speak on and the daily host would present their light and inspiration on the subject matter. Topics of inspiration that have been shared include Love, Fear, The Power of Choice, Forgiveness, Vision, Faith, Balance and many more. Moving forward our goals for W.I.C. have now expanded to include interactive web presence by way of W.I.C. website and social media platforms, keynote guest speakers featured on our calls along with personal development webinars to promote mental, spiritual, and physical wellness, annual retreats and charitable fund raising events.


Kionna Perry single mother of daughter Phoenix Rae, is a career entrepreneur with a heartfelt passion to help other women. Kionna grew up very humbly in a two parent household with four siblings in a small impoverished city outside of Philadelphia, Pa. Throughout her life, Kionna like most women has endured many trails, failures and obstacles.During her journey to finding the right path, Kionna kept faith and remained very positive in mind and spirit. She began to take a strong interest in personal development and discovered that she had a natural gift of exhortation- the ability to encourage others. Kionna believes that the gift is the cause of her being the go to source for many of her friends and relatives in their times of need.

Tiffany Coleman-Prince

Tiffany Coleman-Prince was born on April 26, 1981 in Philadelphia, PA to a Mother & Father of then, three girls. Being the youngest of four sisters she realized how vital it is to have someone to talk to and share experiences with. Now at the age of 32, she is proud to have accomplished that with the Women’s Inspirational Circle. Sharing inspiration, testimony, trials, tribulations and growing with fellow women is priceless. Her goal with the Women’s Inspirational Circle is to uplift lonely, lost, heavy & broken souls with tools of compassion, love, scripture & testimony. Women have to put on several different hats each and everyday and The Women’s Inspirational Circle is where we can come to be renewed, refueled & revitalized. Tiffany is honored and ecstatic to be of service for such an awesome movement!

Kanika Gilmore

Kanika Gilmore a single mother of two children, Jada a ten year old girl, and Jayden a four year old boy, is a native of Chester, Pa. Raising her children comes as an absolute joy to Kanika who also works as a professional in the health care industry. Outside of working and being a mother of two, Kanika attends secondary school full time, is an active member of her church and volunteers for various causes. “I am a part of The Women’s Inspiration Circle to inspire and encourage women on a spiritual level. Being in W.I.C. has helped me become a better person spiritually, mentally and socially.” Kanika’s goal as a pioneer of The Women’s Inspiration Circle is to fully contribute her service and her life experiences to help grow this organization to its fullest potential. “Anything that we put our minds to we will achieve. I know that we will give hope and touch the hearts of many women.”

Kimberly McKie

Kimberly McKie is a twenty year believer in Jesus Christ. God has used her love of children and family to allow her to minister to young hearts in the area of marriage and family. The Women’s Inspirational Circle has provided the perfect outlet to minister to and to be ministered by other women in a nurturing and inspirational environment! Praise God for this tool to strengthen His people!

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