Home Blog Week 20 Finding Your Life’s Purpose

The Women’s Inspiration Circle, kicked off the week with the topic, “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” hosted by Ms. Kanika Gilmore. Ms. Gilmore started off by sharing that she prays to God for her life’s purpose. She provided scriptures and nuggets from the book, “Confident Woman Devotional” by Joyce Meyer about praying first and how this […]

Week 19 Finishing The Race

The Women’s Inspiration Circle, welcomed its new host, Ms. Ruby Jackson who led Monday’s call on “Finishing the Race.” This topic was a perfect segue for Ms. Jackson due to her being a runner for most of her life. She started by sharing that we are all running toward a goal.  Ms. Jackson mentioned that […]

Week 18 Embracing Change

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing There are two things guaranteed to happen in life — change and death. Ms. Kionna Perry, shared on Monday’s call this drastic but very true statement on “Embracing Change.” Ms. Perry shared many transparent moments regarding motherhood and this being “on the job training.” She highlighted there were […]

Week 17 Keeping The Spark For Life

Ms. Kionna Perry hosted Monday’s call and started with the thought that far too often in life we get stuck in a rut and just go through the motions. Often times you can be accustomed to living this way. However, Ms. Perry encouraged the group to live life and enjoy it fully! There are signs […]