The 1st topic of 2015 “Let it Go & The Power of Release”

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Welcome to the launch of the Women’s Inspiration Circle! I’m so excited to keep you informed with the latest topics and information that will keep you uplifted,empowered,and inspired! We’re starting off 2015 with “Letting Go & The Power of Release” as the topic of the week! Kionna kicked off the live call on Monday morning with “The Importance of Letting Go” and the “Top Ten Things to Let Go in 2015″! Wednesday morning, Kanika carried us through on “Letting Go of Fear” & left us with an amazing poem entitled “She Let Go”! Friday morning will be the close out of the week’s topic hosted by Mrs. Tiffany Prince! Here’s a clip from this week’s calls. Be inspired!

If you missed any of the calls this week or you’re interested in recapping some great inspiration, feel free to playback the calls at your convenience!

Playback number: 605-477-3099

Access code: 1063557#

Reference numbers: Monday- 72, Wed-73, Fri-74

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