Week 19 Finishing The Race

The Women’s Inspiration Circle, welcomed its new host, Ms. Ruby Jackson who led Monday’s call on “Finishing the Race.” This topic was a perfect segue for Ms. Jackson due to her being a runner for most of her life. She started by sharing that we are all running toward a goal.  Ms. Jackson mentioned that we all start off with New Year’s resolutions but don’t keep them – such as weight loss or saving money. We forget and lose the energy and tenacity it takes to reach our goal. However, you should commend yourself for starting. You might stall but it’s important to remember that you started the journey. Ask yourself these questions:

1) Is this really your race or the lane you are called to run in?
2) Are you trying to finish a race that is not yours?
3) Are you willing to pay the price?
All of us have something unique that gives us the fuel we need. Ms. Jackson shared her personal testimony of wanting to be a doctor but this later changed because this didn’t light her fire. A fond memory Ruby kept with her of how her track coach would motivate the team was shared with WIC and they coined the phrase “Moooove” throughout the entire week to keep the motivation going while finishing the race!! Ms. Jackson mentioned nuggets from John C. Maxwell’s “Putting Your Dreams to the Test.” This book highlighted that you should recognize that quitting is about who you are rather than where you are. Moving closer to your dream means you have to change your vocabulary. Start initiating “can do” statements in your life to help you on your journey. You should change your thinking. As you run this race just know that “failure is not your finish line!”


Put Your Dream To The Test: 10 Questions To Help You See It and Seize It by John Maxwell

The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying – John C. Maxwell

Saying you believe in yourself will not guarantee your success, but saying you don’t believe in yourself will guarantee your failure – John C. Maxwell

Dreams don’t work unless you do – John C. Maxwell

“Dealers of Deceit” by Kirk Nugent

For we’re created in Divine likeness,
Prepared for greatness
Fashioned for fulfillment!
Appointed and anointed
Dedicated and consecrated

We didn’t come here to merely survive
We came here to thrive!
So we have no need for headlights
Tonight we’re driving home on a smile.
We have the will to live
We’ve pushed past the pain
An we’re going higer!
Smell the smoke baby,
We’re on fire!
For there’s a burning in the spirit
A tenacity in the soul
A best in our walk
A tempo in our talk
A glide in our side
Oh you can’t hide what’s inside

Life can never get on your never
Not when you decided to use what you have
To create what you deserve!
Wealth ain’t nothing but a word
You heard?
So don’t playback the soundtrack
To them negative feedback.

Tell them fools to holla back
While you relax and face the fact
That there’s nothing that your lack.
Besides you’re gorgeous plus tax,
And you can’t be beat,
You can’t be moved,
You can’t be stopped,
You can’t be rocked,
You can’t be knocked,
You can’t be dropped
You can’t turn back.
Arise and realize that you are eternally blessed,
Now go forth and be thou limitless.

Finishing The Race 1


Ms. Kanika Gilmore shared the inspiration on Wednesday’s call and a very transparent moment in trying to finish her own race. Her personal testimony of attempting to complete her nursing degree and cosmetology license and the roadblocks that have come her way. Remember that you are not disqualified…you can finish the race! Ms. Gilmore provided inspiration from Joel Osteen that highlighted our mistakes and failures don’t have to keep us from our God given destiny. Embrace the bright future that God has in store for you. God gives us the grace to start to finish. Remind yourself that you were not created to quit but finish. Speak victory and not defeat. Stay in it to win it.  So much encouragement and inspiration the women shared after hearing Ms. Gilmore’s story!


How Will You Finish?

Finishing Grace

Finishing The Race 2

Ms. Tiffany Prince closed out the week with 6 Steps to Win the Race of Life. The first step was to get in the right race. Until you know what you want, you will not know the steps to succeed. How many of us are running a race that has been staged? Don’t run aimlessly…get a goal! The next step is discipline for the race. You must prepare for your race. You have to prepare mentally and physically. Victory does not happen without hard work. The third step is to develop character. You have to invest time in yourself. People that truly win in life develop themselves and others around them. The next step is to accept failure…don’t quit! Ms. Prince shared her meeting with Russell Simmons and the advice that she received to accept failure…there is a lesson! The fifth step is to ignore unnecessary distractions. Things will happen in life and you are going to encounter hurdles. Winners don’t give up and they don’t waste time and energy on the wrong things. When you are focused you don’t get bogged down in the wrong things. The last step is to stay in the race. You need to have a vision for yourself. If you want to win, you have got to stay in the race. Choose today to be a winner. Don’t let your hope to dos become your wish to haves! Pace yourself in this race of life!  The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race!

6 Steps To Win In The Game Of Life

Finishing The Race



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