Week 21 Know Thy Self

Ms. Ruby Jackson began the week and hosted Monday’s call on the topic, “Know Thy Self.” She took an introspective look back at her journey and a quote from Walt Whitman about getting the idea to know the world and understanding yourself. When you know yourself it helps you to become unstoppable! Starting the journey will present challenges but continue learning, growing and desiring to be a better you. Ms. Jackson shared information from the Self Creation website, on how you are the one subject that is comprehended on a master’s level – this can affect your long term happiness. Self-awareness is understanding your behavior and having self-knowledge. All the answers you are seeking are already in you! She posed the questions to the group, “what types of people do you enjoy being around and why?” There are questions that you can ask yourself on a financial , spiritual, and personal level.

Self Creation Website

Know Thy Self 2

Know Thy Self 4

The Women’s Inspiration Circle call on Wednesday was hosted by Ms. Kionna Perry and started off with a powerful statement, “it’s a great thing to know thy self.” Not only do you need to know yourself but you also need to be truthful. You are who you are so embrace yourself and don’t hide it! Why is it important to know thy self? The eternal key to happiness, success and becoming who you are in life is the key to your destiny. Once you focus on the potential of yourself this is how the magic happens. Ms. Perry mentioned there is not a magic pill or 1, 2, 3. It’s not that simple. You have to work through your journey to discover and unearthing who you are! Some things that will help you to understand to know thy self are! She highlighted powerful insights from the book, “I’m a Piece of Work” by Cynthia Hale which included understanding that we are all a work in progress. You have to be free of all the baggage that weighs you down. When you don’t know who you are then you will settle for less than what you deserve! God gave you the personality for the purpose in which you have been created! Finding yourself and seeking the answers within is about asking yourself those tough questions so that you can find out who you are!

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Know Thy Self

Ms. Tiffany Prince hosted Friday’s day call and referenced a prior topic of “Finding the Spark for Life.” She mentioned about forgetting who she was and not having passion.

Ms. Prince highlighted the 5 Steps to regain your self-knowledge: 1) The mirror – do you really look at yourself and love who you are? Look in the mirror into your eyes for more than 6 seconds and tell yourself “I love you, unconditionally” and “treat yourself how you want to be treated.” 2) Distinguish your thoughts from the thoughts of others – remember that you are responsible for your own happiness. Repeat the affirmations below: “I am responsible for my own happiness. Others or __________(insert name) is responsible for theirs”
“I am in control of my thoughts. I choose to think only good thoughts and an impervious to any thoughts that are not uplifting. 3) Start relying on yourself – it takes confidence and reliance. Be sure to regain knowledge of yourself. Confidence and reliance are at the heart of finding yourself. Take responsibility for your life and stop blaming others for your mistakes. They are your mistakes so embrace them and learn from them. Through mistakes we find ourselves growing, learning, and reaching our “real self.” 4) Organize your world – clean up and straighten up any clutter that is emotional, physical, or mental so that you can focus on you! 5) Embrace your difference – we were all put here to make a difference and we make extreme strides to make a difference. Ms. Prince shared her own personal journey regarding her height and how she was able to embrace her “difference.” She is now comfortable and confident. Ms. Prince also commands respect and honors her power. Take your different and make a “difference!” You have to know yourself and your power! When you know yourself then you know your power.

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